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Locating Deposits Recorded in EverLogic 

There are two ways to determine if the Customer has a deposit in EverLogic

  1. Check the Customer File
  2. Search Deposits in the Office Operations Tab


Locate Deposit on Customer File

1. Navigate to the Sales Operations Tab and select Search Customers

2. Search the Customer using the available search parameters

3. Double-click to open the Customer File

4. Click the down-drop arrow in upper right corner to view the Deposit File

5. Double-click the deposit in the Deposit List to display the deposit 


Locate Deposit via Search Deposits

1. Navigate to the Office Operations Tab and select Search Deposits

2. Search the Deposit using the available search parameters

3. Double-click to open the Deposit 

MESSAGE:  The Customer Deposit Message may be received on an Invoice or Repair Order, indicating the Customer has unused deposit(s).  

NOTE:  If a Customer has a Deposit in the system, but no prompt was received to add it to the current transaction, the department for the deposit may need to be changed.  

4. Choose Sales for Deals, Parts for Invoices, and Service for Repair Orders

IMPORTANT:  It is necessary to change this selection, if the Customer wants to use their deposit in a different department.

Note:  Payments taken as a deposit are always sent to QuickBooks individually, same day as the transaction is keyed in EverLogic, as Undeposited Funds. Payments, not keyed as a deposit, on a Repair Order or Invoice are sent to QuickBooks on the EOD, the day the Repair Order and Invoice is closed.