QuickBooks Error: DEP Not Mapped

This error message is received when the is incorrect mapping. Map the DEP / Deposit to the correct account, you may need to consult with your Accountant. 

Error message:  This error message may display when sending a deal to QuickBooks, "DEP has not been mapped. Please go to Set Map Codes and assign correct mappings." Consider the two things outlined below, when receiving this message.

1. Confirm Correct Mapping

1. Navigate to the Office Operations Tab and select Set Map Codes

2. Locate Found Where?: Deal

3. Choose Item from the drop-down menu

4. Click OK

5. Key the reason for change and click Record

6. Save 


2. Confirm the Deposit on the Deal

The amount in the Down Payment Field may not have been moved into the Deposit Field.

NOTE:  Confirm the Deposit has been received. 

  • Delete the amount from the Down Payment Field and enter the amount as a Deposit. The Down Payment Field is ONLY used for negotiation.

IMPORTANT:  Confirm the Deposit has been received. 




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