How to Add a Sublet to a Repair Order

Sublets are used for work complete by a sub contractor, meaning work done outside of the service shop of the dealership.

1. Open a Repair Order

2. Access the Other Items Tab

NOTE:  A message will pop, as you hover, allowing you to Add Item or Remove Item. 

3. Right-click on the empty space provided, the add item/ remove item menu will populate,  select Add Item

4. Include a Description 

5. Choose a Vendor 

Important:  A Vendor must be selected for the bill to be created in QuickBooks.

6. Click the Override Box, if you need to add a Charge Amount

NOTE:  The Charge Amount will display in the Sublet Box in the lower right-hand corner of the Others Tab.

7. Save 

NOTE:  The Sublet Charge Amount will be added to the "Shop Total" on the Cash Out Tab.


VIDEO:  Watch video timeline 12:58 - 13:58.


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