EverLogic Basic Info & Security

EverLogic is a hybrid software, we are mostly cloud based, however, some features, like FlexViews are stored to the local drive on your personal computer. Every time you hit Save, the database is updated via Rackspace, main server in Virginia. They run redundancies for all of your data, so even if the main server goes down, they have a back-up. With Rackspace, all information in your database is always safe, even in times of hurricane, fire, flood, etc. Also, EverLogic updates everything in the background, every night. You can rest assured all the detail in your database is secured.


EverLogic is not an A,B,C, 1,2,3 style software, meaning we don’t require you to do complete A, before you can move onto B or complete 1, before you can complete 2. You can still require your staff to follow a specific flow. Also, some things can be done from multiple locations in EverLogic.


You may see more or less, depending on the permissions that have been assigned to you. This is usually done during implementation, via the System Setup Tab. The layout is like a file cabinet, with folders, inside of the hanging folder, down to the different items available in each folder.

  • Home
    • QuickLaunch: (“shortcuts”) Quick Search / Run Flex Views / Location
    • Options:
    • Utilities: Dashboard / Calendar
    • Help: Help links you to EverLogic, and access to the training videos / Info links you to the Billboard /
  • Sales Operations
    • Customers: New / Search / List / Follow-up / Marketing / Merge
    • Quotes: New / Search / List
    • Inventory: New / Search / List / Cycle Count
  • Parts & Service
    • Parts: New Part or Invoice / Search Parts or Invoices / Refresh / Catalog / Transfer / Cycle Count
    • Parts Ordering: New Part PO / Search Part PO / Receive PO / Suggested Reordering
    • Service: New RO / Search RO / List RO
    • Customers: New / Search / List / Follow-up / Marketing / Merge
  • Office Operations
    • QuickBooks: Unposted Items; Deals, Stock Bill / Credits, POs, EOD
    • End Of Day
    • Deposits: New / Search
    • Back Office: MTD / Commissions
    • Gift Cards
  • Reports
    • Sales & Finance
    • Inventory
    • Parts
    • Service
    • Accounting
  • System Setup allows you to set-up the options available in the forms to complete. Some of you will not use this tab, this is usually completed by someone assigned, when your company goes through implementation with EverLogic.
    • Company
    • Company Shared
    • Parts
    • Service
    • Inventory
    • Customers
    • Labor Codes (flat-rate jobs)


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