Employee Setup and Permissions

1. Navigate to System Setup Tab and choose Employees
2. Click New
NOTE:  For existing employees, Navigate to System Setup, choose Employees, then click Search, and double-click to open the User Properties Form.

3. Complete the New Employee Form User Properties Form 

REMINDER:  Be sure to Check the "Employee Is Active" Box.

4. Click the "Employee Can Sign On" Box

RESULT:  The User Information Tab will appear, along with the Multi-Factor Authentication Section.

5. Select the Location and Employee Type

6. Check the box if This Employee is a Manager

NOTE:  If this box is checked, the person will reflect as the Sales Manager when opening a New Quote Form. If the box is not checked, the person in the Reports to Field will reflect as the Sales Manager when opening a New Quote Form. 

IMPORTANT:  The User needs to be marked as a Manager to be able to reopen Invoices.

7. Complete the Multi-Factor Authentication Section 

NOTE:  Click the box for "Same as Email?", if you want to use the email in the Email Field, make sure you have access to this email.

NOTE:  Click the box for "Same as Cell Phone?", if you want to use the number in the Cell Phone Field. Make sure to have this phone with you when you log in.

8. Access the User Information Tab

9. Create a Login and Password

10. Click the blue Information Circle to see the Password Criteria

11. Select a Panel that will display on the left of EverLogic, for quick access

12. Assign a Security Level (reference viewing scanned documents)

    • -1 for minimal access
    • 0 for all access

13. Select the Permissions to be assigned to the employee

NOTE: Refer to the article for "Employee Access & Authority Defined" to help you determine the permissions items to enable for different types of employee.

14. Click Save

15. Instruct the employee to update their password by selecting My Profile on the Home Tab



VIDEO:  Watch video timeline 32:50 - 33:28. 



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