How to I recover invoices that I accidently deleted from QuickBooks Online?

The answer to this issue can be found by accessing the Intuit QuickBooks Help or clicking this link: Solved: How to I recover invoices that I accidently deleted (


Currently,  there's no option to automatically restore a deleted transaction in QuickBooks Online. Once you delete a transaction, it will be erased completely from your QuickBooks. It will no longer appear on your reports or in your accounts. You can use your Audit Log to recover some details, then recreate the invoice.


Accessing the Audit Log Report:

  1. Go to the Gear icon and then choose Audit log 
  2. Click on Filter and select Show only these eventsTransactions, and Deleted/Voided transactions
  3. Look for the deleted invoice and click View under the History Column to get all the details you need
  4. Click the + New Button and select Invoice
  5. Enter all the details
  6. Save

NOTE:  Checkout this link for more information: Use the audit log to re-enter deleted transactions.


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