Full / Partial Refund on an Invoice or Repair Order

Processing a partial refund is almost identical to processing a full refund with one exception, removing items not included in the refund. The first three steps in this article are the same as a full refund, step 4 four is different.  

1.  Open the original Invoice or Repair Order

2.  Click Tools - Copy - Refund Invoice / Return RO

NOTE:  A new Invoice / Repair Order will be generated, showing the totals as a negative, in parenthesis.

4.  Remove the parts / service not included in the refund (Right-click in the part box and select "Remove Part" or "Remove Part Kit", and / or adjust the number of items being returned in the Qty Field. Remove the Service Items not included in the return on a Repair Order.)

5.  Continue based on the type of payment

  • Cash or Check Refund:  Click the Cash Out Button and close the Invoice.
  • Credit Card Refund:  Right-click the payment line and select process credit card, click the "Process Refund of $____" Button, before clicking the Cash Out Button.

IMPORTANT:  Refunds on a credit card will be refunded to the original card used. If the original card is no longer available, the refund will need to be given in cash.





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