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My Profile

1. Navigate to the Home Tab and select My Profile

2. Complete the necessary fields;

    • Change Password allows an employee to change their password.

    • Preferences
      • The Start-up Panel is located on the left-side navigational panel and available when the user logs into EverLogic.
      • Check this box to allow the Dashboard to automatically pop-up, when the user logs into EverLogic.
      • The Follow-up Interval is calculated in minutes. This option will pop-up a reminder for the user's Customer Follow-ups.
      • Check this box to receive a Signoff Prompt when the user clicks the "X" in upper right-hand corner to close EverLogic.

    • Email Setup allows you to set-up an email signature.

VERY IMPROTANT:  This is your work email and email password, this is not your EverLogic Password.

    • Edit User MFA Information (multi-factor authentication).

NOTE:  Click the box for "Same as Email?", if you want to use the email in the Email Field, make sure you have access to this email.

3. Save




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