New Vehicle Purchase Order Form (Multi-Unit Ordering)

General Tab

  • Purchase Order Information
    • PO# - The PO Number is automatically assigned in sequential order from the last Vehicle Inventory Purchase Order. The Status of the Vehicle Inventory will auto-populate as "On Order". When the inventory arrives, update the status to "In Stock"
    • Order Placed - Select the date the order is being placed.
    • Multiple Order Box - Used if ordering more two or more of the same unit.
    • Authorized By - Key the name of the person authorizing the order.
    • Mfg. Order # - Manufacturer Order Number, if available, not required.
    • Mfg. Rep. Name - Manufacturer Representative name, if available, not required.
    • Invoice Amount - This entry will create the Invoice Item on the unit.
    • Vendor - Select the Vendor Name.
  • General
    • NUD – N=New / U=Used / D=Demo is a required field
    • Vehicle Type – Is user defined on the System Setup Tab.
    • Year - Year of the Unit is a required field.
    • Make -Make of the Model is a required field.
    • Model - Unit Model is a required field.
    • Model - Additional field to describe the unit.
    • Model -
    • Location – Select the Location for the unit, using the drop-down menu.
    • Body Style Code – Additional field to describe the unit.
    • Primary Serial – Vehicle Identification Number for the unit.
    • Secondary Serial Number – Second Vehicle identification number for the unit.
    • Selling Price (MSRP) - MSRP will auto-populate the field Selling Price on a quote. 
    • Date Expected on Lot – Enter Month, day, year you expect the inventory to arrive.
    • Purchase Date – Select the date of purchase, calculates the DOL (Days on Lot).
    • Description (All of the information is optional, however if entered, can be displayed on the window sticker and various reports.)
      • Ext. Color - Exterior color of unit.
      • Int. Color - Interior color of unit.
      • Fuel - Type of fuel used in the unit.
      • Length - Length of unit can be displayed using a decimal point.
      • Width - Width of unit can be displayed using a decimal point.
      • Cyls - Number of cylinders in the unit.
      • Sq. Ft - Square Footage of unit.
      • Weight - Weight of the empty unit.
      • GVW - Gross Value Weight is the weight of the empty vehicle plus the weight of the maximum payload that the vehicle was designed to carry.
      • Floor Plan - Select the name of the Floor Plan Company for which the unit is financed.



      • Save - which will save any changes to your form.
      • Delete - will delete the item. When selected a Warning is presented, this action CANNOT be undone. You must give a reason with at least 10 characters before the delete button will become 
      • Print - Vehicle Inventory sheet summarizes all of the information entered on the form.
      • Email - if set up in the company file and the employee file, e-mail can be sent from Dealer Logic. Select e-mail and enter the recipients’ e-mail address.
      • Documents - with a file extension of PDF, JPG, or GIF can be linked to vehicle inventory. In the drop-down arrow you can add or view any documents.
      • Potential Buyers - A list of all Customers to whom this unit has been quoted.  price can be entered to display on the window sticker. 
      • Options - A list of options, along with a description, cost and retail
      • Print - Options are Buyers Order or Disclaimer.

      Notes Tab

      • Vehicle Description
      • Private Notes





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