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List Unposted Curtailments / Interest

List Unposted Curtailments / Interest pulls information directly from the bills in EverLogic that are already posted in QuickBooks. 

1. Navigate to the Office Operations Tab and select List Unposted Curtailments / Interest 

2. Choose a Vendor or AP Account

NOTE:  The Vendor List that pulls on the List Unposted Curtailments / Interests is pulled from QuickBooks, so if the Vendor is not listed in QuickBooks they will not show in the drop down menu.

3. Click Search 

4. Key the Curtailment and Interest amount(s)

NOTE:  Vehicles / Unit will not show it they have not been posted in QuickBooks. Totals will be calculated in the Sum Box, at the bottom of the column.

5. Select the Payment Date

6. Select Payment Method

7. Select Account

NOTE:  If you plan to write a physical check, check the box next to Curtailment Check /  CC #  and Print Interest Check. If you're paying via ACH, leave the boxes unchecked and type ACH in the space provided.

8. Click Make Payments

NOTE:  In QuickBooks, there will be a separate check for the Curtailment Payments and the Interest Payments. The memo will include the Stock Number of units included in the payments.





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