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List Unposted Curtailments / Interest

List Unposted Curtailments / Interest pulls information directly from the bills in EverLogic that are already posted in QuickBooks. 

1. Navigate to the Office Operations Tab and select List Unposted Curtailments / Interest 

2. Choose a Vendor or AP Account

3. Click Search 

4. Key the Curtailment and Interest amount(s)

NOTE:  Totals will be calculated in the Sum Box, at the bottom of the column.

5. Select the Payment Date

6. Select Payment Method

7. Select Account

NOTE:  If you plan to write a physical check, check the box next to Curtailment Check /  CC #  and Print Interest Check. If you're paying via ACH, leave the boxes unchecked and type ACH in the space provided.

8. Click Make Payments

NOTE:  In QuickBooks, there will be a separate check for the Curtailment Payments and the Interest Payments. The memo will include the Stock Number of units included in the payments.


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