Creating a Parts Purchase Order

1. Navigate to the Parts & Service Tab and select New Part PO

2. Click to select

    • Vendor:  Hit Enter or Tab Key to display the Phone / Fax Number for the Vendor selected, (required)
    • Status:  EverLogic will auto-populate as "Pending"

    • Department:  not required
    • Ship Terms:  not required
    • Order Placed:  Double-click to display current date and time, (required)
    • Non-Parts PO:  Used to order office supplies, furniture, etc 

NOTE:  EverLogic assigns the PO# and PO Date, after you save the PO. The PO Number will be sequential from the last one you entered.

3. Complete the following sections, not required

    • Shipping Info
    • PO Payment Info
    • Memo:  not private

4. Key the UPC, Part# or Description

5. Click the down-drop arrow, to search from Inventory listed in the drop-down menu

6. Double-click to select the Part

7. Hit the Enter or Tab Key to display the Part in the Parts Box below

8. Key the UPC, Part# or Description

9. Hit the Enter Key to order part from a catalog, Search / Order Parts from a Parts Catalog 


11. Click the button to Add Part From Catalog

12.Search to locate the part

13. Double-click to select the part

14. Select Bin

15. Select Category

16. Create Core, when necessary

17. Click OK

18. Scroll to the right to manipulate the figures; 

    • Quantity
    • Cost
    • Selling Price
    • Freight
    • Discount

NOTE:  The part will display ion the Parts Box and the Totals will display at the bottom.

NOTE:  You can remove an item, by right-clicking on the line you wish to remove.

19. Save

NOTE:  Use the "Send PO to Vendor" Option from the toolbar. It will show in red, in the Shipping Info Section.



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