Where is My Purchase Order in QuickBooks?

A Purchase Order (PO) is a bill and it can be found with your other bills in QuickBooks.  

1. Search the PO

2. Retrieve the PO Number and confirm the PO Status as Closed

3. Access QuickBooks and navigate to Pay Bills

Note:  The REF. NO. in QuickBooks is the PO Number from EverLogic. If you fill in an Invoice Number when receiving the PO in EverLogic, the Invoice Number will override the PO Number as the REF. NO. in QuickBooks.

NOTE:  The PO will display once it is posted. If you do not see the PO on this screen in QuickBooks:

1. The PO may not have been received yet. If it is fully received, it will be closed and stamped with a closed date in EverLogic.

2. It may not be posted yet or it may have been 'marked as posted'.

3. It may have already been payed. 





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Where is my Purchase Order in QuickBooks?