Search Parts

1. Navigate to the Parts & Service Tab and select Search Parts 

2. Select from the available search parameters

    • All, Taxable, Non-Taxable
    • Part # - Enter the Part #, only a portion of the Part # has to be entered.
    • UPC - Enter the UPC number, only a portion of the UPC has to be entered. 
    • Description – Enter a description, only a portion of the description has to be entered. 
    • Make – Enter a Make, only a portion of the Make has to be entered. 
    • Manufacturer # – Enter a Manufacturer #, only a portion of the Manufacturer # has to be entered. 
    • Location - The Location will default to that of the current user logged into EverLogic, and  can be changed using the drop-down menu.
    • Vendor – Enter a vendor using the drop down list. 
    • Bin 1 – Enter the Primary Bin Location using the drop down list. 
    • Bin 2 - Enter the Secondary Bin Location using the drop down list. 
    • Category - Enter the Category using the drop down list. 
    • You can also modify your search by Active Parts, Taxable Items, Non-Stock items, Minimum Levels and Obsolete, by checking the corresponding box(s)

3. Click Search

Toolbar Options

    • Search will present values matching your criteria.
    • New will start a new Part Form.
    • Edit will open the highlighted part.
    • Print allows you to print the formatted report.
    • Export allows you to save the file in Excel format.
    • Hide / Show will hide / show the search criteria, only show the result grid.
    • Group By is a quick way to get totals and look at parts information differently. When selected, a gray area appears above the grid. You can click / hold / drag that column heading into the gray area to view the selected detail. Once done, re-group with click / hold / drag the column back into the grid and select another column.
    • FlexView allows you to save your search view for quick access.
    • Refresh will reset search criteria to defaults.

4. Right-click on the grid and select the columns to display

5. Click / hold / drag that column header to the position on the table 

EXAMPLE:  Notice Location is on the left side of the display, after making the change it displays the right side.

6. Close the display and the view will remain as selected





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