Search Labor History

This option will only show Repair Orders with assigned labor.

1. Navigate to the Parts & Service Tab and select Search Labor History

2. Choose from the available search parameters;

Search Options
  • All / Open / Closed / Voided - Choose to view All, Open, Closed or Voided Repair Orders 
  • RO # - Key the Repair Order Number
  • Last Name - Enter the Customer's Last Name
  • Stock # - Enter a stock number, if you have the System Rule set to collect stock information instead of shipping information.
  • VIN - Enter the Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Claim # - Enter the Claim Number associated with the Repair Order.
  • Phone Number - Enter the phone number associated with the Repair Order.
  • Location - The Location will default to that of the current user logged into EverLogic, and  can be changed using the drop-down menu. 
  • RO Type - Narrow the search by selecting the Repair Order Type. 
  • Labor Code - A search can be completed by selecting a Labor Code used on the Repair Order.  
  • Salesperson - Select the Salesperson from the Repair Order.  
  • Technician - Select the Technician assigned on the Repair Order.
  • Company - Select the Warranty Company selected on the Repair Order.
  • Completed Date - Check the box and select the Month and Date Range for the Repair Order.

3. Click Search


  • Search - Start the search with the criteria selected.
  • New - Start a new Repair Order.
  • Edit - Select an RO from the grid to edit. Editing is allow on an open RO, if it is closed, the RO will open in View Only Mode.
  • Print - Print Formatted Report will print the selected RO. Print Screen will print the detail shown on the screen. FlexView Print will print the FlexView.
  • Export - The grid results will be exported to Excel, the Save As Window will appear.
  • Hide / Show - Will hide / show the search criteria.
  • Group By - View the results in the grid, grouped by a column. Drag the chosen column into the gray area and release.
  • Drop-down Menu - Select previously saved FlexViews.
  • FlexView Setup - Organize the search, right-click on the grid to add / remove columns, click / hold / drag column headings. 
  • Reset Search Criteria to Defaults - Removes any search criteria and resets to default.