Adding a New Customer

There are many details you can add to the Customer Information Form, to help with Sales and Servicing, including prospecting and follow-up tools, even texting and emailing options.

New Customers can be added from the following applications in EverLogic DMS:

    • EverLogic Logo / "Favicon" > New Customer
    • Sales Operations > New Customer
    • Sales Operations > New Quote
    • Parts & Service > New Invoice
    • Parts & Service > New Repair Order
There are two methods for adding new Customers:
    • Quick Entry
    • Detailed Entry

Quick Entry

1. Open the Customer Information Form, enter the Customer's name and phone number.

2. Save


Detailed Entry

1. Open the Customer Information Form and click the Pencil Icon to enter additional Customer detail

2. Complete details 

NOTE:  The Customer Name is the only required field on this form.  Other fields on the form may be entered if the data is available or can be added later, as the data becomes available. 

    • Personal Information Tab

    • Employment Information Tab

3. Click OK to save the data on the Customer Detail form

4. Click Save

NOTE:  The Customer Location is based on the Salesperson and the Location assigned to that Salesperson.





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