Merge Customer Records

On occasion, a Customer may have two records in the system. This generally happens when the Customer has a name that is commonly shortened or they go by a nickname, ie Steven and Steve, Kimberly and Kim or Charles and Chuck. The Customer may purchase a vehicle, then return at a later time for parts or service. When the Service Writer asked for his name,  Mr. Reagan said, Ron. The Service Writer did not see the original entry since he looked for Ron,  So he created customer Ron Reagan:

1. Navigate to the Sales Operations Tab and select Customer Merge

2. Key detail to locate the Customer to merge

NOTE:  To run a global search, use the Search Criteria listed as "Find Possible Duplicates by".

3. Click Search

4. Locate the Customer's names you wish to merge

5. Determine which Customer record to KEEP and which record to MERGE

6. Click the box in the columns, "Keep This" and "Merge This"

7. Click Merge

NOTE:  You will receive a message indicating Merge Complete.




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