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Moving a Deposit Between Customer Accounts

These steps are not valid if the the Deposit has already been sent to QB.

1. Navigate to the Office Operations and select Search Deposits

2. Locate the Deposit in question 

3. Double-click to open the Deposit Window

4. Select the Vendor Button, this will clear the Customer's name from the Deposit Form

5. Select the Customer Button,

6. Click option "Click to Add Payer"

7. Search for an existing Customer or click "New" to add a new Customer

8. Select the Customer and their name will display on the Deposit Form; the deposit is now assigned to that Customer

Note:  Payments taken as a deposit are always sent to QuickBooks individually, same day as the transaction is keyed in EverLogic, as Undeposited Funds. Payments, not keyed as a deposit, on a Repair Order or Invoice are sent to QuickBooks on the EOD, the day the Repair Order and Invoice is closed.



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